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hello!! i’m sure quite a number of you are aware that i’ve been taking art commissions lately, and i have gotten a good amount of them since i’ve started, but i just wanted to give a friendly reminder to my new followers and old that i still do need money - and pretty quickly too. 

i don’t want to delve into too much details this time so i’ll just say that we need ~70-80 (and extra if possible??) dollars for some basic necessities since this year has been rough for me and my family in terms of income. it’s not much but it’s important.

rules and info on my commissions can be found here, and there’s also a donate button on my blog description for those of you who wouldn’t mind throwing a few bucks our way as well. ^^

thank you for your time and signal boost if possible!!!




Oh my God!!!!

Check out these amazing Life-sized monsters on display in Monster Hunter Festa “13 :O

Capcom don’t do things by half’s do they this is amazing!!!

If want read more about what happen or check out more awesome pictures check link to this blog -


creys a lil

Is FurAffinity worth coming back into? After that whole mess that exploded months ago, I haven’t really touched it but I see some friends still using it… I’d really like to expand to other art websites, but I haven’t found as many. Nabyn seems to be a little dead and I really don’t feel like using dA. If FA isn’t worth coming back into, then are there any other websites you guys can suggest?

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